Абуладзе Александр Викторович, 1951 г.р.

Адрес: пр. Ильи Чавчавадзе, 31, Тбилиси 380079, ГРУЗИЯ

Телефон: Домашний (99532) 372621; Мобильный (372) 5589510

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1958-1968 - Secondary school, Tbilisi.
1968-1973 - Zooveterinary educational-scientific Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia;
specialty - zoologist, veterinarian; Diploma.
1978-1981 - scientific training in the All-Union Nature Conservation Research Institute, Moscow; speciality - Ornithology and Conservation of Birds; Certificate.
1997 - scientific training in International Center for the Study of Bird Migration and in the Israel Ornithology Center, Israel. Specialization – Scientific and Educational Aspects of Migrating Bird Study and Conservations; Certificate.
Опыт работы
Employment (in Georgia):
1973-1993 researcher, Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi.
Since 1994 - consultant in Ornithology of the Institute of Zoology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi.
1989-1991 - scientific consultant (1989) and Director Deputy on Science (1990-1991) of Tbilisi ZOO.
1997-1999 - Director of the ornithological group for study of avifauna and problems of bird conservation along oil pipeline route at the territory of Georgia - Project of the Georgian Pipeline Company, Tbilisi, Georgia.
2001 - expert in Ornithology on the study of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Major Export Pipeline
Project Route – Georgian International Oil Company, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Professional associations:

A. Ornithological studies
From 1973 up to present time a long-term study of distribution, ecology, population trends, migrations, conservation and other problems of the all species of birds of Caucasia, mainly of Georgia, have been carried out.

B. Wildlife protection:
Since 1973 till today actively participate in activities of various profile in wildlife protection. Member of different Societies on Nature (Fauna, Birds) Conservation, Working Grours, Action Plans for the threatened bird species, etc: international, national, regional. Since 1997 - Chairman of the Bird Conservation Union of Georgia.

C. Environmental education:
In 1980’s – 1990’s I gave original lectures in several Georgian Universities and Colleges (course of Ornithology in Sukhumi State University; Zoogeography, Nature conservation, Fauna of Georgia in Tbilisi Pedagogical College; Wildlife of Georgia in Tbilisi State University, etc.).

D. ZOO's activity
Paralelly with work in Institute of Zoology in 1989-1991 worked in Tbilisi Zoo, since the beginning by consultant, and in 1990-1991 by Director Deputy on Science.
Дополнительные сведения
Member of the International Ornithological Committee, National representative from Georgia.
Member of the Ornithological Committee of Northern Eurasia
Member of the Central Council of Menzbir Ornithological Society
Chairman of the Bird Conservation Union of Georgia.
Publications: Totally above 140 papers in ornithology, mammology, herpethology, nature conservation, ecology, history of falconry, etc. are published (mainly in Russian, also in English, German, Spain, Georgian). List of the main publications in Ornithology is enclosed. A lot of the unpublished reports are prepared for the various organizations.
Conference Participation: International Ornithological Congress (1982 USSR, Moscow); (1994 Austria, Viena); 4th World Conf.on Birds of Prey and Owls (1992 Germany, Berlin); International Conferences: Holartic Birds of Prey (1995 Spain, Badajos); Baltic Birds-7 (1993 Palanga, Lithuania); Bird Numbers - 1995 and 13th Meeting of the European Bird Census Council (1995 Estonia,Parnu); International Workshops on: Cranes (1989 Estonia, Tallinn); Eagles (1991 Poland, Poznan); Imperial Eagle (1993 Hungary Budapest); UNESCO Programm Man and Biosphere (1983 Lithuania, Vilnius; 1985 Russia, Moscow; 1988 Georgia, Tbilisi); Int. Symposium on Black Stork (1993 Latvia, Jurmala); International Conference Migrating Birds No Known Bounders (1997 Israel); Population Ecology of Birds of Prey and Owls (1998, Meisdorf/Harz, Germany); Eastern Europe and Northern Asia Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls (1998, Kislovodsk, Russia); XI International Ornithological Conference (2001, Kazan, Russia); 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th All-Union Ornithological Conferences; All-Union Conferences on: Birds of Prey and Owls, 1st and 2nd; Storks; Swans; Corvids; Waterbirds; Mammology; Herpetology; Nature Conservation, etc. Beside that, above 40 various regional meetings on zoology, ecology, nature conservation, hunting, falconry, environmental education, etc. in the former USSR, CIS and Baltic countries: Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus', Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
Languages: mother tongue - Georgian and Russian; English - understand (fair), read (fair), speak (satisfactorily); Estonian - understand, read and speak (fair).

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